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What Does The Flux Window Do?

Know your fluxer performance

The Flux Distribution Window tells you about your fluxer’s performance and repeatability immediately, each time you run your Optimizer.

Your Flux Distribution Window will not touch your solder wave, and so the flux residue will not be burned off as it passes over your solder waves and exits your wave machine.  As a result, you can quickly and easily see if your flux has been applied thoroughly and evenly.  It’s that simple.

You will benefit from information on your fluxer performance at the same time you view your Optimizer’s board-wave data and temperature data.  All information will be gathered in a single run through your wave machine. There is no need to turn off your wave.  There is no need to rely on only a glimpse by viewing a piece of glass while it’s traveling through your wave machine or – worse yet – reaching into your wave machine to retrieve it. 

You can now conveniently assess your flux distribution each time you run your Wave Optimizer, by viewing its Flux Distribution Window. You can even implement statistical process control for your fluxer. Simply weigh your Flux Distribution Window before and after each run.  Look for a consistent weight of flux residue on the Flux Distribution Window each time you use your Optimizer.  Set upper and lower limits directly correlated to your board quality.

Your Flux Distribution Window is secured on a window cut through your Optimizer’s carrier board.  To ensure full coverage, it is customized to the width of your carrier board.  It is made of durable, high temperature glass-type material.  It is included on all new Wave Optimizers and all new Carriers.  If your current Wave Optimizer does not have it, you can upgrade your unit by investing in a new Carrier.


“I have worked with wave solder machines for years and can honestly say that this was the most informative and thorough class that I have attended on this subject.

– Dale Shedd, Process Engineer, Adtran

“The Optimizer identified the root cause of chronic skipping on our boards.  We eliminated the disparallelism it measured.  This had an immediate, positive effect on board quality.”

– Aldrina Paredes, Training manager, Bose Electronics

“Your company walked in here and quickly showed my staff how to reduce defects that we’ve had to live with for a long time.”

– Dennis Herrick, Director of Operations, Condor

“The proactive nature of your methodology, which allows us to identify board defects and production issues before they happen, is critical for raising yields.”

– Luis Lopez, Operations Manager, Benchmark Electronics

“Using the Optimizer’s techniques every day on one board type, we saved 257 hours of touch up and rework per month.  This saved our facility over $50,000 in 12 months on this one board type alone.”

– John Lanferman, Process Characterization Group Leader, Celestica

“Prior to investing in the Optimizer, we relied on a thermal profiler but we could not solve our skipping and insufficients problems.  In fact, those defects were not due to improper temperatures at all but instead to how our boards run through our solder waves.”

– Ricardo Soto, Process Engineering Manager, Tyco

“Our main problem was recurring insufficients.  We made many attempts to address the problem, to no avail.  By using the Optimizer to graph our immersion depth, we identified and corrected turbulence in our main wave.  This has benefited our production process.”

– Jose Martinez, Maintenance Engineering Supervisor, Rain Bird

“We thought we had tried everything possible to eliminate a bridging problem.  Using the Optimizer, in only a couple of minutes we got rid of the bridging completely by adjusting the dwell time.”

– Alfred Santilla, Wave Solder Supervisor, Universal Lighting

“In all my years in PCB assembly, I have never seen such an enthusiastic response to a training program.  Other vendors never really improved our problems like you have.”

– Luis Velazquez, Engineering Manager, Plexus

“Your wave soldering seminar gave us concrete methods and procedures completely different and beyond anything we’ve ever heard or seen from other vendors or ‘experts’.”

– Juan Guevara, SMT and Through Hole Manager, Alps Automotive

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